hands forming heart; What's Your Favorite...? Photo courtesy of Canva; https://reclaiminghopecoaching.com

What’s Your Favorite….? 6/22/18

hands forming heart; What's Your Favorite...? Photo courtesy of Canva; https://reclaiminghopecoaching.com

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’ve each had a wonderful week and are ready for the weekend!

Thanks to everyone who shared your favorite thing to do on a Friday night last week. It was interesting – a LOT of us seem to have the very same favorite! I guess great minds think alike. :o)

Your question for this week is

What’s your favorite blog post you’ve written so far this month?

Don’t be shy, folks! Please share the link to your favorite post from the month. I know a lot of us follow each other, but sometimes I feel like the Reader is kind of like the Facebook feed, and I’m missing out on people’s posts….. I’m sure it’s not that the posts aren’t showing up on there, but as you follow more blogs, sometimes your reader gets so full you miss some. Does anyone else have this problem?

Please share your links, then come back and check out the links others have shared. You never know – you might discover some great new blogs!

Have a wonderful weekend!





  1. I’m behind on writing again because of some new “developments” and the subsequent exercises. My last blog is about going to the outlet mall whilst managing fatigue in the heat. Terri, you might relate to this.
    Popping Wheelies | You’ve seen many of us Wheelies. Have you ever wondered what life is like when lived on wheels? You are about to find out.

  2. Dare I post two? One for each blog? I love this one about the wild horses in Arizona. The photograph takes me back there, to a place where I felt so much peace: https://vjknutson.org/2018/06/07/wild/
    For my other blog, I think today’s post, written from Northern Ontario where I am writing this, is the best: https://onewomansquest.org/2018/06/22/the-muskokas/
    Thanks for this, Terri. Hope you will include your own, and I will pop back to read later.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Don! I’m hoping everyone will be checking back to see others’ links. I’ve seen your post this week, but maybe some other folks who haven’t will have the opportunity to read it.😊 Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Terri, I have been missing a few of your posts but I’m good now, got you tracked again! My favs, which I can’t hardly believe because some were sooooo difficult not only to write but to share are mt Friday posts, Before I Trripped Over a Stone. I just posted #22 in this series. Can’t believe it. I really want to know what your favorite post is, Terri? Do you have one that you wrote that remains in a special place in your heart??? xo.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Kim! I’d love for you to share the link for your Before… Post. Since I had asked about the favorite for June, at the time I had only done two, so I guess I’d have to say the 6 Tips For Making Gardening Easier.😊 Have a great weekend! Hugs!

      1. I need to make sure I reblog that one! My hubby sang with a men’s church Choir for almost 20 years. I bring this up because his favorite memories include the travel and staying at people’s homes. It is a good memory for the guys you hosted.

      2. Wow, what an experience for him! The young men who stayed with us seemed to really enjoy all the traveling and meeting new people, and of course, they love performing. If you get a chance, there’s a link to one of their performances someone posted on YouTube. I tried to put it in my post, but it wouldn’t work.☹️

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