hands forming heart; What's Your Favorite...? Photo courtesy of Canva; https://reclaiminghopecoaching.com

What’s Your Favorite….? 5/11/18

hands forming heart; What's Your Favorite...? Photo courtesy of Canva; https://reclaiminghopecoaching.com

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week and are ready for the weekend!

Thank you to everyone who shared your favorite childhood memories last week! If you didn’t get a chance to read everyone’s memories, please check them out! You all made me smile – I just loved reading your stories, and they were all a reminder that our best memories aren’t something we have, but things we do – spending time with others, having small moments of bonding time, being out in nature…..the list could go on. Why not make some new memories this weekend?

This week’s question comes from Caz at Invisibly Me. She’s given us several thoughtful questions, including last week’s. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, please stop by and say hi to her!

Your question for this week is:

What’s your favorite piece of advice for living with chronic illness/fibromyalgia?

If you could only give one piece of advice to someone who was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia or another chronic illness, what would you tell them? I look forward to your answers!

Wishing you each a very relaxing weekend!





  1. I feel like I’m hogging the quiz host’s chair here – thanks for asking another of my questions, Terri!
    For me, I’d probably go for something that I struggle a lot to accept and apply to myself (because I’m a hypocrite…) which is that everyone has their own pace, their own way of dealing with things, and that you need to carve your own path rather than worrying you’re not meeting society’s milestones. Be kind to yourself, appreciate everything you’ve overcome and continue to survive each and every day. It can be hard when we feel behind in life but we have to acknowledge that our path may be a little different to what society suggests it should be, and we can make our own path wonderful by creating our own rules, our own story. xx

  2. It’s all so difficult and confusing in the beginning isn’t it? There is so much loss of self, and expectations that can’t be met, and society’s lack of understanding. Too much noise. Such a good question.

  3. You must take time to grieve the old you for as long as it takes. Be kind and listen to the new you that will emerge. You will find purpose, you will find love, and things will get easier in time. You will see that in this one lifetime, you get to live it twice! You will be OK and remember, you are not your disease. ~That is what I usually tell folks who have been recently diagnosed.

  4. What a fantastic post Terri! This is a great “What’s Your Favorite?” I think my favorite is piece of advice would be a mixture of accepting what you are faced with and never give into the illness because giving in is the only way the illness will win the fight! I am a firm believer in staying strong as possibly and always positive as we can, positive thoughts can really go along way!!!!
    I hope you have a great weekend Terri!!

      1. Isn’t it amazing how Caz literally always has so many great thoughts? You and Caz are incredible people and I am so thankful I have had the chance to get to know y’all! I hope your weekend is wonderful!

  5. Thanks to all who shared and commented. My wife Sandy is having a major flare up, and anything I can do or say to help her is appreciated. Like my MS in many ways, it tends to progress. Again, thank you all.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I second what’s already been said here by everyone else, and I would add that it’s important to know it’s okay to not be okay….If you need a little while to have a good cry, go ahead and do it. We tend to think sometimes that we have to be strong and just power through all the time, but if we give ourselves permission to just feel bad and not feel guilty about it, it often gives us a release and helps us start to move forward again. I hope Sandy’s flare settles down soon. Blessings to you both!

  6. Gosh, that’s a tough one to narrow down! I would say…join social media groups that are particular to your illness. You will find support there that is priceless. From dietary information, to doctor suggestions, to just knowing someone else is in your same boat, it’s all very helpful, especially on those days when you are bumping along rock bottom.

  7. I know the one thing that has kept me strong while living with bipolar disorder is keeping my loved ones and inner circle close ❤ It’s so easy sometimes to push people away when you’re hurting. Especially when you feel like no one gets it. I have learned however that leaning in towards those who truly care for me and opening up about my illness has actually created stronger bonds than before I was diagnosed. I’ve learned that those who care about you will take the time to learn about your illness and also it’s weeded out a lot of people who I don’t need in my life because it’s interesting to see who’s really in your corner when you have to deal with a chronic illness. I would rather have a small, strong and caring circle around me. It’s allowed me to clean out the junk and be more careful about who I surround myself with ☺

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