hands forming heart; What's Your Favorite...? Photo courtesy of Canva; https://reclaiminghopecoaching.com

What’s Your Favorite….? 12/1/17

hands forming heart; What's Your Favorite...? Photo courtesy of Canva; https://reclaiminghopecoaching.com

Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to December! I can’t believe how quickly this year is flying by!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who shared your favorite way to reduce stress during the holidays. If you haven’t seen everyone’s suggestions, you can check them out here.

This time of year is filled with parties and get-togethers, and almost all of them feature food so my question for you this week is….

What’s your favorite way to make sure you don’t completely abandon your healthy eating habits during the holidays?

For the record, I believe you shouldn’t deprive yourself — this is the time of year when all the “special” treats come out and you should definitely enjoy them! This is about finding moderation when we’re surrounded by all this yumminess….

Please share your tips with us!




  1. I do not like sweets, sugar upsets my stomach, I don’t eat meats, not a fan of anything rich, so I’m just lucky.
    Now, it’s the red wine that beckons. lol

  2. I do what you said, try everything i love, just in moderation. That way i don’t feel deprived and yet don’t overdo it either. Wishing you a beautiful holiday season!

    1. Thanks for sharing Deb! I’ve always believed moderation is the key. When we deprive ourselves we often end up eating more in the long run than we would have if we had just had that delicious thing we wanted… I hope your holiday season is full of joy!

  3. Plan ahead. That’s the biggest thing for me is planning ahead. The other thing is I tend to over eat when I’m dehydrated and haven’t had enough water. This is a challenge as I also love to drink coffee which dehydrates you. But I like to have things like grapes apples bananas etc. or cut up veggies and my favorite hummus ready at hand. So that might mean planning to head and preparing those ahead of time so that you can just grab them when you want to eat something. When I’m going to a party or someplace where there’s gonna be a lot of sweets, I have a horrible sweet tooth, I eat an apple first. Between the fiber in the sweetness it fills me up enough that I don’t eat more than I should. But just enough to be polite to the hostess. But the truth is it’s all about planning and looking ahead.

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